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Miss my blog

I love blogging sometimes I am lack of time to blog. I don't have much personal time too. I am so busy with things around me. My room is a mess and I was told better clean it up as I am getting nose stuck at night.

I have sensitive nose and often sneeze at night but not day time. This morning I saw a police patrol car rounding my area. I am glad they do that as crime often happen in day light not night! Even it is at night but day time nobody is home as they went for work!

Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

About the CD collection it is all on dust now, I seldom them listen to them now. I don't have any embarassing one. I just no time to listen them any more.

Happy New Year

Oh yeah I am late to say Happy New Year. I was just busy and in really bad mood for the past few weeks.

This morning I head to post office as I need to post an item. Anyway I supposed to post two items but the girl not given me her address. This morning when I check message and she written that she interested in another item. She thinkts it is only add $15 for the items, she is dreaming!

In fact I put the price in the post clearly she just ignore me. Anyway I don't think she is serious with me. I am not going to take her seriously.

Grandpa stroken then coma

I hope you can pray for my grandpa, he is in the hospital now. He is in coma due to stroke, I feel so sad and my dad is there to see them. My dad hopes he wakes up and able to recognise him but my uncle says that he is in coma.

This is so sad because my dad lost his mom when he was a teenager. Grandpa is old and he had a fall not long ago. He is supposed to come back here when he is better now he is in hospital. I am sad not able to visit him due to my responsibilities here.


Cheap rugs

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Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

I have not see the New Moon and I have not read the book too.

There she goes again!

I cannot believe I have such a selfish sister-in-law, she only think about herself and not for others. Since it is going to be school holiday soon, she kept telling me that brother in law kids want to come here. The last time they came, brother in law wife is not happy at all because school holiday she expect her son to stick with her so she can teaches him his homework and others.

Ended up I am the one need to do her job as he wants to come along, all thanks to sister in law who only thinks of herself. This time she wants to go back early as soon as the school holiday starts because there is no more fish and she wants to have a day at the salon.

Thinking that it is going to be school holiday they can come over so my kid has someone accompany to play with. Yeah but she no think of the expenses when they are here. They eat expensive food and mostly fast food which are costly.

I told her if she wants to go back to have hair done at salon she can follow one of the cousin but she is not happy with that. She wants us to follow her back so the kids will come along. I can tell you that brother in law's wife will not be happy.

Schoo holiday time supposed to have family time, if kids are not around I am sure she is concern and worry of them.

Happy Birthday to Me?

I never have a birthday party before and I have no interest to have any at all. It is going to be my birthday soon, yeah just an hour from now. I am happy that I am getting older and knowing that this year I have experienced in so many things.

Life has been up and down which comes with good and bad too. Family members which having problem and sharing health info together. Not just that, I think we must cherish the time we have with loved one. We cannot buy time and there is no turn back on time.

I believe we need to care for this life and not think of next time. But for my sister she is already think of next life. She has made a huge decision that will affect the famliy and my parents have no choice but agree with her.

Money is everything as my relatives are pushing me to help them to achieve targets of sales. They are the one benefit from the sales and going on travel for free, I think they should help me instead of me help them.

Start to grow vegetables at home

My sister-in-law started to grow some vegetables at home, I am so proud of her. Yeah there is reward for her, I given her handmade jewellery and she loves them. Somehow I think she is not satisfied, next month is her birthday I think we all can go out for a dinner at nice restaurant.

The vegetables that grow near my car pouch are lady fingers, there is more but I am not sure of what names of vegetables. I know my place is not suitable to raise chicken or duck so vegetables will be the best choice. Sad to say we are not able to put all kind of vegetables due to the climate here.

e cigarettes

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